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At Pro Glaze, we proudly offer a stunning selection of decorative glass options that combine age-old artistry with modern technology. For over two decades, homeowners have been rediscovering the unique charm and beauty that decorative glass brings to both windows and doors, enhancing spaces with individual character and elegance.

Our range includes an array of designs from traditional leaded patterns to contemporary fusion styles, all crafted using the innovative Overlay technique by RegaLead. This method layers materials on the exterior of the insulated glass unit, creating a modern equivalent of classic leaded glass but with enhanced durability and thermal insulation. This allows for designs that not only maintain the depth and vibrancy of traditional stained glass but also meet today’s high standards of performance.

Whether your home is a sleek modern townhouse, a cozy country cottage, or a classic suburban residence, our catalogue offers designs to complement every architectural style. Each piece of glass is rigorously tested to withstand extreme climates, from the icy winters of Russia to the hot Australian summers, ensuring reliability wherever they are installed.

Choose from our decorative glass options to bring a touch of timeless elegance to your home, backed by a decade of warranty for peace of mind. With Pro Glaze, experience the perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary performance.

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    Discover the exquisite Pilkington Glass, where privacy and style converge through a stunning array of textured and etched glass designs. Offering more than 18 patterns, Pilkington provides the ultimate selection to enhance your home with light, privacy, and a distinct decorative touch.

    Explore the vibrant world of Spectrum Glass, where traditional craftsmanship meets contemporary design. Our collection offers a variety of decorative glass options, from elegant leaded designs to modern fusion pieces, each crafted to enhance the beauty and performance of your home’s windows and doors.

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